Mick Jagger recording a promo for Philly radio station 93.3 WMMR at JFK Stadium 1981

Mick Jagger recording a promo for WMMR

The late John Bloodwell, former director of promotions for WMMR, is pictured with Mick Jagger while recording a promo for the radio station at JFK Stadium. Jagger was in town to announce the Stones' "Tattoo You" tour schedule. Associated Press photographer, Rusty Kennedy (blond hair), and Akira Suwa (Philly Inquirer) are visible in the background. © ROGER BARONE 1981


This photo shows Mick Jagger being recorded by WMMR’s promotions director John Bloodwell. Jagger flubbed and stuttered his way through the promo after forgetting his words. The unedited spot was broadcast on WMMR, mistakes and all. For anyone who heard it, this is what the recording session looked like.

Bloodwell wanted a copy of this photo, but he didn’t want to pay the cost of printing and shipping. Rather than foot the bill myself, I just forgot about him., reasoning why should I lose money on this deal. The total cost was about $10, including shipping.

When I learned that John Bloodwell died some years later, I regretted not giving him the photo. It would have lifted his spirits everytime he looked at that picture with Mick Jagger.

-View Rolling Stones playing opening song at JFK Stadium on newsbroadcast.

-More video of Stones opening show for “Tattoo You” Tour at JFK Stadium (1981)


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7 Responses to “Mick Jagger recording a promo for Philly radio station 93.3 WMMR at JFK Stadium 1981”

  1. I knew John in Jr. High, and ran into this. Do you know how he died? With good music in his ears, I hope.

    • Owen, I don’t have any details regarding John. I was informed by Electric Factory Concerts promoter Larry Magid during a meeting a while ago. John was a dedicated Stones fan, going so far as to where white shoes, similar what Jagger wore in concert.

      Thank you for visiting my site, and if I can ever help you in any way, let me know.


  2. Thanks!

    John was cool back when the rest of us were preteen dorks — and his love for the Stones went way way back.

  3. John helped me to get internship at WMMR when he was Promotions Director. That was a long time ago. A very smart person who was talented. Sad he had to cross over so young.
    Debi Schultz-Williams

  4. John was the only guy I met who had a 1963 Cadillac Station-Wagon as a street car…A Hearse

  5. I just found out today that Blood past away. 10 years after the fact. We were close friends during the late eighties and early nineties. We kept in touch until 2003 a couple years after his father died and his mom went into nursing care with Parkinson’s. He visited her and stayed with her everyday. He broke his collar bone in 2003 and it didn’t heal for over 6 months which is when I lost touch. A mutual friend told me today when I asked how he was and I was thinking about him. Sad Day for me. I’m glad there is a picture up of him.

    • I’m also glad that the picture brought back some fond memories of your friendship with John. I didn’t know him well, but everyone says he was a very nice man. Thanks again for visiting my Stones’ photo blog–very much appreciated.

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