Mick Jagger leaving Four Seasons Hotel to jog rolling stones photos from philly by roger barone 1989

Mick Jagger, follows  his trainer, Torje Eike, as they exit the Four Seasons Hotel for a morning jog in Fairmount Park. Jagger was spotted by a couple of Philadelphia Gas Company employees who wave to him. A Four Seasons Director of Security stands on the left. © Roger Barone 1989.

MICK JAGGER/Torje Eike: FOUR SEASONS HOTEL (August 28, 1989)

I had been staking out the Four Seasons Hotel since I got word that the Rolling Stones were arriving on Sunday afternoon (August 27) by Amy Sancetta, an affable Associated Press Photographer.Later that day, I got a great shot of Jagger leaving the hotel as the band made their way to JFK Stadium for a look at the stage setup.

The photo appeared in the Inquirer the next day via AP.

During the week, I developed a friendship with the driver of Jagger’s rented Crown Victoria Town Car, and he provided some great tips. Standing by the car door smoking a cigarette, he nonchalantly told me where he’s taking Jagger.

Later in the week, I gave him a set of pictures of Mick Jagger’s kids from the Philadelphia Zoo, and he said Jagger liked them. I was waiting around the front of the hotel on this day, but took a walk around the building and saw the driver. He told me to “stay here.” I smiled, but made a quick departure to tell another photographer, Susan Walsh, of the Daily News that Jagger was leaving from the back door.

She followed me, but didn’t say a word. Nothing!. Not even Thanks. I second-guessed my decision  when I saw her photos in the paper the following day. They could have been mine, too. I actually told her because Michael Mercanti, a South Philly friend, and Daily News photo editor had been very nice to me during this week.

The Daily News published a Rolling Stones supplement featuring a lot of my Stones photos from the previous years, so I didn’t mind as much. This photo was taken on color negative film, and the quality was compromised in the transition to black and white.


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